30 septembre, 1, 2 octobre 2020 – Torino

VI Festival Outsider Art / Arte Irregolare


Galleria Gliacrobati

2, 3, 4 octobre 2020 – Bologna

V Festival Outsider Art / Arte Irregolare

Galleria Gliacrobati

7 Décembre 2019 > 4 Janvier 2020


7/12/2019 > 04/01/2020

Galleria Gliacrobati
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino

18 Décembre 2019

ONDE MAGNETICHE _ Reading / Performance

18/12/2019, 20.00 heure

Galleria Gliacrobati
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino

25 Novembre 2019

+ Pitture meccaniche [e svariate narrazioni]

By Lalàgeatelier Dispositivi Vestimentari
25/11/2019, 18.30 heure

Galleria Gliacrobati
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino

17-20 october 2019

Outsider Art Fair 2019 – Paris

The Gliacrobati Gallery is an exhibitor. Stand 30.
Atelier Richelieu – 60, rue de Richelieu 75002 Paris.

Galleria Gliacrobati
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino

7-20 octobre 2019

Gliacrobati at MEF

Calendrier Expositions personnelles:

25 septembre – 10 octobre « Zaira D’Agata »
11 octobre – 30 octobre « Giovanna Preve »
31 octobre – 20 novembre « Cosimo Cavallo »
21 novembre – 15 décembre « Umberto Gervasi »
16 décembre – 31 décembre « Giacomo De Vito

Galleria Gliacrobati
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino

26 juin 2019

Attitudine alla fantasticazione nell’opera di Antonio Ligabue e Aldolf Woelfli

Mercredi 26 juin à 18h30 la conférence « Attitude à la fantaisie dans le travail d’Antonio Ligabue et Aldolf Woelfli » par Bianca Tosatti – historienne et critique d’art, spécialisée en art extérieur – pour une conversation agitée et non conventionnelle expérimenter de nouvelles méthodologies de lecture de l’ouvrage.

Galleria Gliacrobati
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino

30 mai 2019

Lalàgeatelier “DISPOSITIVI VESTIMENTARI” a project of Sara Conforti

Créé en collaboration avec Celeste Strawberries
Soirée de lancement pour le public et restitution de «Lalàgeatelier Dressing Devices» conçu avec la participation des acheteurs.
Pour soutenir l’initiative, il y aura un apéritif et une « Fabula Vestimentaria » spéciale de l’artiste Sara Conforti.

Galleria Gliacrobati
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino

27 avril 2019


Présentation du catalogue « Anatomie d’un paysage et des masses »
de Vincenzo Lopardo avec l’éditeur Sigismundus et Alessandra Morelli.
Samedi 27 avril 2019, à 18h.

Galleria Gliacrobati
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino

10 avril 2019

Giacomo De Vito, Solo Show

Du 10 avril 2019 jusq’au 14 juillet 2019, il sera possible de profiter des oeuvres de l’artiste Giacomo De Vito en exposition au MEF (Museo Ettore Fico)
Horaires d’ouverture du MEF: du mercredi au dimanche de 11h à 19h / fermé le lundi et mardi.

Galleria Gliacrobati
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino

28 mars 2019

Présentation du livre “The Legacy of Edith Kramer” – A Multifaced View

Description structurale organisée par Wilma Cipriani – art-thérapeute
Introduction organisée par Michele Revelli – philosophe
Le livre raconte l’histoire de l’un des précurseurs de l’art-thérapie, Edith Kramer, ramassant des dépositions d’un groupe de collègues internationaux, apportant une contribution à son travail en Italie.
Textes et photographies de Wilma Cipriani, Raffaella Bortino et Raffaela Carola Lorio.
Mercredi 20 mars à 18h30.

Galleria Gliacrobati
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino


Lalàgeatelier Dispositivi vestimentari

An event for the introduction of the first Capsule Collection Genderless by Lalàgeatelier.
Art, company, circular economy, care and territory for a slowfashion that reduces the abuse.
For the creation of a territorial network for the social and professional outplacement of women’s weakness.

A project of Sara Conforti, an artist, activist and dressmaker in collaboration with Fragole Celesti.

Galleria Gliacrobati
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino


Affordable Art Fair 2019 – Milan

The Gliacrobati Gallery is glad to join to the 2019 edition of Affordable Art Fair – Milan.
From 24th to 27th January 2019.
Superstudio Paiù | Via Tortona, 27 – Milan.
Opening Tuesday 24th January 2018.
Stand N2 | Artists: Cosimo Cavallo, Zaira D’Agata, Giacomo De Vito, Giovanna Preve, Antonella Trasmundi.

Galleria Gliacrobati
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino


Outsider Art Fair – Paris

The Gliacrobati Gallery is an exhibitor. Stand 29.
Atelier Richelieu – 60, rue de Richelieu 75002 Paris.

Galleria Gliacrobati
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino


Lalàgeatelier “DISPOSITIVI VESTIMENTARI” a project of Sara Conforti

Created in collaboration with Fragole Celesti – community dual female diagnosis for the treatment of abuse, mistreatment and violence.
Presentation on Tuesday 30th October 2018 at 6.30 pm | Contrappesi | Galleria Gliacrobati

Galleria Gliacrobati
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino



from 27/10/2018 to 28/11/2018

Curated by Roberto Mastroianni e Tea Taramino, in collaboration with Francesco Sena
PARI/Polo delle Arti Relazionali e Irregolari di Palazzo Barolo, Housing Giulia e Galleria Gliacrobati.
EXIHIBTION SINGULAR AND PLURAL 2018 – A project of Città di Torino and Opera Barolo.

The exhibition, through the combination of unique sensibilities, mean to build a dialogue between artists of the mainstream and irregular artists (called outsiders), italians and internationals, for a shared reflection on the permeability of the boundaries between the different artistic expressions,between health and illness, between “normality” and “madness”, between one culture and the other, to give value to diversity of which each of us is bearer.
During the first stage of the exhibition, in three locations in Turin, it will be possibile to attend performances, meetings, workshops suitable for all with free participation.
The second stage, in April, at the StudioDieci gallery in Vercelli provides an exhibition in dialogue with local artists and meetings with schools.
Such exchanges have the goal of bringing disability and psychic discomfort out of isolation, focusing attention on the abilities of each singular author, and not defects or pathologies.

Galleria Gliacrobati
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino


Giacomo De Vito
Burning down the house

Thursday 21st June from 6:30 pm at Gliacrobati Art Gallery.
The exhibition will be open from Thursday 21st June to Saturday 21st July
Opening hours: from Wednesday to Saturday, from 3:30 pm until 7:30 pm.

Galleria Gliacrobati
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino


Irregular lectures of art history
The silent hands:outsiders in the great works of art 

Monday 11th June from 6:00 pm until 8:00, in collaboration with PARI-Polo delle Arti Relazionali e irregolari, Opera Barolo and Municipality of Turin.

An historical look on the manpower that contributed over the centuries to build the Italian artistic heritage. A lecture to raise awareness on how many anonymous hands that, with sacrifice, knowledge and passion, have accompanied the great masters of art and architecture, from Brunelleschi to Bernini. The result is an overview of characters, but also of entire phases of the production process, that can be defined as outsiders – even though they have played a central role in waving the collective cultural fabric

Galleria Gliacrobati
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino


Visions beteen Sky and Earth

Wednesday 23rd May at 7:30 pmt, the exhibition Visionss between sky and earth: Giorgio Barbero & C – curated by Tea Tarantino and Alessia Panfili will inaugurate at Gliacrobati Art Gallery, with a musical aperitivo. For the occasion, the gallery will host a part of the exhibition, organized at Palazzo Barolo. The event in via Ornato 4 will be dedicated to Giorgio Barbero, in conversation with artists Oby One (Roberto Zaiacometti) and Cosimo Cavallo.

The exhibition, taking place in several different locations at the occasion of the 40 years of the Basaglia law, aims at presenting different points of view on the transformation of psychiatry, researching the connections with contemporary art through a critical analysis of powerful and different artistic visions.

Gliacrobati Art Gallery will present a collection of works on paper by Giorgio Barbero, astral landscapes, metaphors of a travel in art through time and space, in acrobatic dialogue with Cities from the future by Oby One, a perfect assemblage of components of different shapes and materials and the fantastic portraits of Cosimo Cavallo.

Cosimo Cavallo, was born in 1968 in Turin, where he attends the Fine Arts Academy and graduates with a dissertation on the concept of space in Fellini. His art can be defined as direct, instinctive and graphically expressionist.

Oby One, alias of Roberto Zaiacometti, was born in Ivrea in 1948, started drawing in the mid-Seventies, while on break from working at the printing machines. Since 2000 he creates tridimensional works, such as the Cities from the future, which are on view at Gliacrobati Art Gallery.


PARI- Polo delle Arti Relazionali e Irregolari: Palazzo Barolo
Press conference: Wednesday 23 May, 11.00 am, Salone d’onore
Opening: from 5.00 pm until 7.00 pm, Appartamenti Elena Matilde
Gliacrobati Art Gallery
Musical aperitivo: Wednesday 23 May, from 7.30 pm until 8.30 pm
Opening: Wednesday 23 May 2018
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino



The association Spirit of Boz of Julien Friedler develops a program called Be Boz Be Art, which touches several sectors of intervention and contributes to diffusing new artistic practices worldwide, aiming at giving them visibility.

On the opening night Julien Friedler will present his project Be Boz Be Art, depicted by the works part of the exhibition, collected all over the world and by some works of the artist. The public will be invited to fill in the Questionnaire of the Forest of the Souls.

The exhibition is curated by Dominique Stella and is produced by the association Spirit of Boz, Julien Friedler.


Opening: Friday 13 April 2018, 6:00 pm

Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino



Gliacrobati Art Gallery is pleased to invite you on Friday 30 March, from 7:30 pm, art the finissage of “Limine Temporis” the composite exhibition project, between talk, archive and performance, by the artist Sara Conforti, result of the artistic research developed by the artist with the patients of Fragole Celesti, the community of double diagnosis for women who have been victims of abuse and violence.

For the occasion there will be a new proposition of the IX Edition of “13600HZ | Concert for sewing machines / In limine temporis” (on soundtrack), the ninth tableau vivant by Sara Conforti (renewing her collaboration with the Education Department of Castello di Rivoli Contemporary Art Museum, Francesca Cinalli – choreographer and dramaturg – and Paolo De Santis – composer). This new edition, dedicated by the artist to her experience in the community, includes the participation of musicians Stefano Bertoldi and Claudio Demarco.
After “Damnatio Memoriae” that took place on the 8th of March 2017 in Galleria Umberto I in Turin, the artist comes back to the themes of femininity and abuse, this time inspired by the process of artistic research developed with the patients of Fragole Celesti, involved in a musical project, recorded for the first time on a physical device at Officina Sonora in Turin.
A collective work, that produced a limited edition of 50 CDs, signed and numbered. The profits will support the new projects of Sara Conforti at Fragole Celesti, aimed at the social and work integration of the girls that are hosted in the community, through a social tailor’s shop.

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to support the initiative.

With the support of

Regione Piemonte – Assessorato Pari Opportunità
Monica Cerutti – Tiziana Minunni
Education Department Castello di Rivoli Contemporary Art Museaum
Anna Pirtonti – Paola Zanini
Comunità Fragole Celesti – Community of double diagnosis for victims of abuse and violence
Fermata d’Autobus Associazione Onlus
Gliacrobati Art Gallery
Francesco Sena – Gallerist
Francesca Cinalli – Coreographies and performance I 13600HZ Concert for sewing machines
Paolo de Santis, Stefano Bertoli, Claudio Demarco – Sound performer 13600HZ Concert for sewing machines IX Edition
Luca Ciampitti – Camera recordings
Officina Sonora Recording – Turin
Jumbo System

The artist thanks alla the girls of Fragole Celesti that took part to the project.

In Limine Temporis
Finissage – Friday 30 March 2018, 7:30 pm
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino



Mercoledì 7 Marzo 2018 dalle ore 18.30 la Galleria Gliacrobati è lieta di presentare  IN LIMINE TEMPORIS FC 5/5, il composito lavoro espositivo tra talk, archivio e performance di Sara Conforti, frutto del percorso artistico di ricerca svolto con le pazienti di Fragole Celesti, comunità doppia diagnosi femminile per la cura di abusi, maltrattamenti e violenze.
Una nuova indagine sul concetto di gioia attraverso le progressive reminiscenze che partono da un abito indossato in un giorno di festa.

L’installazione presentata in galleria si inserisce all’interno del progetto Centosettantaperottanta I Ricicli Emozionali I Generazioni, l’archivio perpetuo e partecipato attraverso il quale Sara Conforti intreccia i confini tra abito e habitus per la creazione di nuovi modelli di comunità. Un lavoro portato avanti dal 2012, in collaborazione con il Dip. Educazione del Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, ed approdato anche nella Comunità di Oglianico lo scorso Agosto 2017.

IN LIMINE TEMPORIS FC 5/5, una mostra/archivio composta da 5 video installazioni per la restituzione di questo processo d’indagine, che ha trovato il suo completamento plastico e sonoro (e la sua celebrazione) nella IX Edizione di 136OOHZ I Concerto per macchine per cucire, composta in esclusiva per il progetto e presentata in anteprima nell’ambito dell’inaugurazione della mostra.

La serata inizierà alle 18.30 con un talk sul ruolo della ricerca artistica per una trasformazione sociale. Un momento di parola che vedrà in dialogo sul tema: Monica Cerutti, Assessora Pari Opportunità Regione Piemonte, Anna Pironti e Paola Zanini, Dipartimento Educazione Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea e i Rappresentanti di Fragole Celesti e Fermata d’Autobus.

Al termine della discussione il pubblico sarà coinvolto nell’ overture in performance: la IX Edizione di 136OOHZ I Concerto per macchine per cucire (on soundtrack) il nono tableaux vivent di Sara Conforti (che rinnova le collaborazioni storiche con Francesca Cinalli – Coreografa e drammaturga  Paolo de Santis – Compositore) e che in questa nuova edizione si avvale della preziosa sinergia con i musicisti Stefano Bertoli, Claudio Demarco.

Un nuovo lavoro corale che ha dato vita ad un opera in Limited Edition destinata alla vendita. 50 speciali supporti musicali in serie numerata registrati negli spazi di Officina Sonora di Torino e custoditi all’interno di preziosi taccuini realizzati in collaborazione con le pazienti.

Da conservare con amore.

Il ricavato della vendita andrà a sostenere i nuovi progetti dell’artista all’interno della Comunità Fragole Celesti finalizzati alla ricollocazione sociale e professionale delle ragazze ospiti. In partenza anche crowdfunding sulla piattaforma Produzioni dal Basso a sostegno dell’iniziativa.

Al termine dell’azione performativa sarà possibile accedere alla mostra/archivio In LIMINE TEMPORIS FC5/5.

Ingresso libero fino ad esaurimento posti.

Vi aspettiamo numeros*


In Limine Temporis
Vernissage – Mercoledì 7 marzo ore 18:30
Aperto al pubblico dal mercoledì al sabato, dalle 15:30 alle 19:30
Via Ornato 4, 10124 Torino


The therapy of Art


Wednesday the 28th of February at 6:30 pm, as a conclusion of the exhibition project, Gliacrobati Art Gallery is presenting a conversation between the exhibitions’ curators and Wilma Cipriani, who was already our guest at the occasion of the opening conference “The difference between aesthetic representation and aesthetic experience”.

The therapy of art was a program that took place over five weeks in our spaces, allowing five different art therapists to present, one week each, a selection of works created by their patients that represent their work and interpretation. Starting from a personal approach, the aim is to represent the different methodological dynamics that characterize the work of the art therapist and of the evolution of that intimate relationship with the patient, of which the artwork is only the final moment.

Wilma Cipriani, Roberta Billè, Deborah Bormann, Luigino Bardini, Maria Luisa Camurati and Raffaela Carola Lorio will be present at the event, highlighting the resemblances and differences that have emerged in the following of exhibitions.

This meeting will be the occasion to present a catalogue of texts that have been written by the art therapists to support their exhibition, with two introductory texts by Wilma Cipriani and Marco Petrocchi.


The therapy of Art 

Fifth appointment
Ti invito in atelier
Curated by Raffaela Carola Lorio
22 February 2018, h 18.00


The therapy of Art 

Fourth appointment

Curated by Maria Luisa Camurati
15 February 2018, h 18.00

22 February | curated by Raffaella Carola Lorio


The therapy of Art 

Third appointment

curated by Luigino Bardini
8 February 2018, h 18.00


15 February | curated by Maria Luisa Camurati
22 February | curated by Raffaella Carola Lorio


The therapy of Art 

Second appointment

a cura di Deborah Bormann
1 February  2018, h 18.00


8 February | curated by Luigino Bardini
15 February | curated by Maria Luisa Camurati
22 February | curated by Raffaella Carola Lorio


The therapy of Art

First appointment

a cura di Roberta Billè
25 January 2018, h 18.00


1 February | curated by Deborah Bormann
8 February | curated by Luigino Bardini
15 February | curated by Maria Luisa Camurati
22 February | curated by Raffaella Carola Lorio

Mercoledì 24/01/2018

The difference between aesthetic representation and aesthetic experience

Wilma Cipriani, philosopher, psychologist and art therapist, point of reference for many of her colleagues, will be a guest of the gallery on the 24th of January at 18:30 for a conference that will touch different themes that will be the centre of the exhibition “The Therapy of art” which will open in gallery the following day and will see 5 art therapists, one week each, present works of their patients, which are representatives of their work on the field. It was important for us to have Wilma Cipriani giving a more theoretical perspective on what it means to be an art therapist today. The title of the conference will be “The difference between aesthetic representation and aesthetic experience” and it will revolve around how, after the modern discoveries of neuroscience, art therapy can be considered a sort of physiotherapy.

Conference by Wilma Cipriani
Wednesday 24 January, h 18:30

Dal 25/01/2018

The therapy of Art

21 January curated by Roberta Billè
1 February curated by Deborah Bormann
8 February curated by Luigino Bardini
15 February curated by Maria Luisa Camurati
22 February curated by Raffaella Carola Lorio

Openings h 18.00



Meetings with the artists


Tuesday 9 January h18



Meetings with the artists


Wednesday 29 November h19


Splendid, Ardent

Noor Al Bahjat & Yara Said

Opening Tuesday 31 October 2017 H 18:00
The exhibition will be open until the 23 December – Thursday, Friday, Saturday – from 15.30 to 19.30 or by appointment


Mauro Rolle – I am (dar)K

Curated by Francesco Sena and Marco Petrocchi

Opening Wednesday 27 September 2017 h 18:00  with a performance of the musical collective ASSEMBLAGE
The exhibition will be open until the 21 October – Thursday, Friday, Saturday – from 15.30 until 19.30 or by appointment