Mauro Rolle was born in Carignano on 3rd June 1967. He lives in Nichelino for most of the time and has made his life a sort of ‘mission’.

Since 1986 he has been hospitalized several times in health facilities due to psychiatric disorders that have become progressively worse.

Since 2002, having been sent away from home by his family, he has lived, worked and undergone treatment at the Fermata d’Autobus (Bus Stop) Community Centre.

He is an exponent of punk culture and a metropolitan artist, always looking for the most heterogeneous stimuli through which he gives back futuristic visions of the reality that he lives in. His creativity keeps his works open and allows observers to immerse themselves in a context that leaves much room for imagination and interpretation.

In 2011 he presented his works at the group show Parole parole parole (Words Words Words) curated by Carola Lorio and held at the Caffè Basaglia cultural centre in Turin. In 2012 he collaborated with the Ornato di te (Adorned by You) cultural association through his personal exhibition Parole e francobolli (Words and Stamps) curated by Massimo Greco. In 2014 he participated in the Lettere (Letters) exhibition curated by Francesco Sena at the Amantes cultural centre in Turin. In September 2017 his personal exibhition name “Io sono (dar)K” curated by Francesco Sena and Marco Petrocchi inaugurates Gliacrobati Art Gallery.