Lorenzo Filardi was born in Ciriè, Turin, in 1995. Since childhood, he has been fixing on paper the images suggested by his thought, defining them within sharp outlines confining wide backgrounds of saturated colors. Details are developed into fantastic frames that continue, ideally, into an infinite space beyond the sheet or canvas. Filardi works on large dimensions, preferring to represent urban spaces, churches, utensils, sports and medical situations, family and religious gatherings in which he participates; his painting is also nourished by a particular interest in news events. Since 2015, he has been attending La Galleria/Città Workshop in Turin, the studio of architect Cesare Griffa, and is a member of the L’Orobilogio SER of the Stranaidea Cooperative.

He has been  present in Trailer, a traveling group show of the project Mai Visti e Altre Storie (www.maivisti.it), since its first stage in 2014; in the same year he exhibited at Punti di Vista, InGenio Arte Contemporanea.

In 2015 he took part in the workshop E’ come scrivere su un foglio curvo with artist Marco Cordero, curated by Opere Scelte gallery at InGenio Arte Contemporanea and in the project Stazione Ginzburg, at PARI, Polo delle Arti Relazionali e Irregolari at Palazzo Barolo. Both initiatives were in collaboration with Primo Liceo Artistico and Laboratorio La Galleria. In 2015 he was present with a drawing performance at Ars Captiva, ex Manifatture Tabacchi and at Io espongo, Azimut. In 2016 he was among the artists chosen for the exhibition on autism The Ghost of the Spectrum, curated by Sara Boggio, at PARI, Polo delle Arti Relazionali e Irregolari di Palazzo Barolo and InGenio Arte Contemporanea, and he was among the authors published in No. 22 of the international illustration magazine Nu®ant. In 2017, with other artists he took part in Straordinariamente, curated by Roberto Mastroianni, InGenio Arte Contemporanea.

His works are preserved in the Never Seen Archive of the City of Turin and at the Gliacrobati Gallery.