Giacomo De Vito was born in Milan in 1976. He graduated in Illustration at IED in 2006, and he lives in Turin. The techniques he uses are acrylic and oil pastel, employed both on paper and canvas. De Vito’s language favours bright, harsh, anti-naturalistic colours, simplified volumes with heavy contours, resulting from an aggressive, irregular and deformed sign.

Among his exhibitions: “Maschere e Trasfigurazioni” (Masks and Transfigurations), 2010, Françoise Calcagno Art Studio, “Venezia e Giacomo de Vito” (Venice and Giacomo de Vito), 2013, Caffè Basaglia, Turin – both personal exhibitions curated by Massimo Greco; “Versus”,2011, Velan Center for Contemporary Art, Turin, curated by Francesca Referza; “Lo Stato dell’Arte” (The State of the Art), 2012, Italian Pavillion, Turin, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi and with a presentation by Jean Blanchaert.