Evelyne Postic was born in 1951 in Lyon. Because of a lung disease at the age of 5 she stopped dancing – her first passion – and, due to her parents’ divorce, she was placed in several children’s homes. With a feeling of abandonment and a suffocating life lived between her grandparents and her mother, she succeeded in finding moments of escape by using paper and pencils, on the kitchen table, from which she would see the dye-work letting its colorful waters flow. She later settled in Grenoble, where she tried to escape a strenuous daily life by inventing a parallel world and beginning to paint and draw forms in which humans, animals and plants are intertwined. Attracted by biology and science, she focuses on the living creature’s adaptation to a changing environment in order to survive. Like a river held back for too long, she works by day and creates nonstop by night.