Cosimo Cavallo, whose real name is Fabio Elettroni, lives and works in Turin and he is among the artists supported by the Turin Mad Pride organisation ( and the Mai Visti e Altre Storie -Never Seen and Other Stories project ( run by the Arteco Association. He graduated at Albertina Academy, with a thesis on the concept of surface in Fellini’s cinema. He lived on the streets for several years and worked for a while as a social worker with psychiatric patients. The recognizability of his works is mostly connected with intricate labyrinths made in pen on paper from which eyes and mouths of severe faces emerge, floating on the surface of the sheet. But in addition to pen-and-ink drawing, painting has always represented for Cavallo the expressive language to investigate colour in its more specifically compositional potential: in his canvases, as well as in his cartoons or wallpapers, faces of alien humanoids converse with the pictorial material, creating suggestive overlaps between the layers of colour. The energy pulsing from his works is the same that runs through his acute sensibility as an artist and a human being capable of connecting with the deepest vibrations of reality.

He has exhibited at Trailer, a travelling group exhibition which is part of the Mai Visti e Altre Storie – Never Seen and Other Stories project, since the first edition of 2014 at the InGenio Arte Contemporanea gallery in Turin. He participated in the exhibition entitled Mi stavo imbattendo nell’Infinito e mi sono ritrovato qua – I was running towards infinity and I found myself here, curated by Beatrice Zanelli and Annalisa Pellino from the Arteco Association for the art exhibition entitled Stare -To be, curated by Alessia Panfili and Luca Atzori, Palazzo Barolo, 2015 and the following installation at the Tornielli Museum in Ameno. He is the protagonist of La stocastica – Stochastics, a film by Wermir Werner Swarzenfrei. In 2016 he exhibited at Palazzo Barolo in the two-person exhibition entitled Tramare , Di filo in segno e di luogo in logo – Plotting. From the line to the symbol, from the location to the logo with Giustino Caposciutti, curated by Alessia Panfili and Tea Taramino. The documentary called Cosimo by the director Matt Giorelli was made in the same year (www In 2017 he exhibited with Cervelli medusa – Jellyfish Brains in the three person solo exhibition called Nel folto del Segno – In the thick of the symbol, curated by Roberto Mastroianni for InGenio Arte Contemporanea. In 2018 he participated in the group exhibition Visioni fra cielo e terra Visions between heaven and earth: Giorgio Barbero & C, curated by Tea Taramino and Alessia Panfili, at the Gli Acrobati gallery.