The Gliacrobati Gallery was founded in 2017 and conceived by Raffaella Bortino as an exhibition space dedicated to the languages of Art Brut, Irregular Art  and Outsider Art.

The gallery is directed by the artist and art therapist Francesco Sena, while the curatorship of the exhibitions and research activities is entrusted to the art historian, curator and art advisor, Marzia Capannolo.

The artists we represent pursue expressive needs driven by impulses, in constant dialogue with their idiosyncrasies and biographical characteristics that betray their complex experiences of life, far from the social rules and mechanisms of the art system. Our goal is to legitimize the work of artists, whether they be  self-taught and sometimes even unaware of their talent or coming from structured academic pathways, who are working outside the mainstream art world, revealing their vision of the world  through the creation of works marked by a language that is expressively instinctive, aesthetically blunt and artistically effective .

In addition to the exhibition and research activities, the Gliacrobati Gallery supports a workshop with a group of patient artists with dual diagnosis coordinated by Carola Lorio and Francesco Sena in collaboration with the Bus Stop and Fragole Celesti therapeutic communities.