GIACOMO DE VITO Burning down the house

Catalogue of the personal show of Giacomo De Vito at Gliacrobati Art Gallery, from 21 June to 21 July 2018.

Critical texts by Guido Brivio by Marco Petrocchi

“LA TERAPIA DELL’ARTE” 5 exhibitions curated by 5 art therapists
Since its strong ties with the therapeutic communities Fragole Celesti and Fermata d’Autobus, the objective of Gliacrobati Art Gallery is to be a window, to show the role of creativity in helping overcoming the psychic and social issues of the patients.

Spendid Ardent
Catalogue of the exhibition of two Syrian artists, Noor Bahjat and Yara Said, that took place from the 31st of October until the 23rd of December 2017 at Gliacrobati Art Gallery, in collaboration with Art Represent London.

I am (dar)k
Catalogue of the exhibition of Mauro Rolle, curated by Francesco Sena and Marco Petrocchi

Abuses.Testimonies from a Therapeutic Community

The exhibition, organized by Fermata d’Autobus Associazione Onlus, is part of Singular and Plural, an initiative in collaboration with the Municipality of Turin, the General Supervision for Social Policies and Healthcare and the Opera Barolo for the promotion of cultural initiatives and research projects revolving around the arts as a driver for change, personal growth and social welfare.